#BuyBC Year Round

March 18, 2019

Local food is a moving conversation: each of us define it differently depending on where we live in the province and our ability to access farms, farmers markets and producers. Some of us define local as the 100-km diet (which was created here in BC). Others prefer sourcing within their region, city or town: for example, Vancouver Islanders are well known to proudly support Island Grown. For the purposes of this program, we are celebrating the whole province and the foods and beverages that come from the Northern Valleys to the Southern border, from Ucluelet to Cranbrook, from the coast to the Rockies and all points in between.


Chefs around our province are leading the conversation on local food with inspiring tastes that bring together international flavours with local ingredients to create unique culinary experiences. Participating restaurants around this province are testing new flavours and exposing diners to ingredients that are unique or specific to their home region.


Here are some ingredients that you can commit to buying locally 365 days a year. Think fish, meats, cheeses, herbs, honey, beers, wines, spirits, meads and the list goes on.


~Water is the fountain of life - and we have some of the top tap water in the world - and it is the base of some fantastic craft products. Consider BC bottled water, BC sparkling water, craft beers and spirits when you are quenching your thirst. Wine, grape, cranberry and apple juice are beautiful BC beverages that are true expressions of the fruit. 


~What came first the chicken or the egg? Think eggs year round for breakfast or baking. Roasted chicken can warm you on a cold winter night and some wings on the barbecue can spice up a hot summer afternoon.


~Looking for some flavour enhancers? Try ginseng, rosemary, thyme, sage, bay leaf and savoury.


~Year round fresh produce includes kale, sunflower shoots, endives, and red and yellow onions.


~Need inspiration for the centre of plate? Local turkey, beef, pork, lamb, duck, goat and rabbit are proudly fresh year round.


~Looking to the sea for inspiration? Clams, cod, Dungeness crab, geoduck, mussels, oysters, sablefish, scallops and West Coast and side stripe shrimp are all harvested across the seasons.


Eating local is environmentally sustainable, and also supports our farmers, harvesters, producers and keeps more money in our local economy. Think about what commitment you can make to #BuyBC and #EatDrinkLocal. We're here to help you on your local food adventure!

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