Commit to Drinking Local Refreshing BC Beverages

March 28, 2019

Did you know that BC producers create a broad range of local beverages designed to
quench your thirst? We’re talking about refreshing tasty beverages for the whole family.
We’ve created a list of some products that will help you support BC farmers and
producers when you take your next sip – either at home or in a restaurant.

Let’s start at the source. Water is the basis of many a refreshing drink – pure or with
great local additions and British Columbia has some of the purest drinking water in the


Starting with water, you’ve got some beautiful refreshing or caffeinating options:


- Like a little fizz? BC producers are now making popular fizzy drinks, sodas
and tonics. There are a range of up-and-coming craft-brewed sodas made right
here in BC. Phillips Soda Works makes their sodas and tonics in Victoria!

- Want something with less sugar? Flavoured waters and spritzers are
growing in popularity world wide for their great taste without the calories

- Want to warm up with a cuppa local tea? Did you know that there is a
micro-climate in Vancouver Island’s Cowichan region that allows for the
domestic production of tea leaves?

- Coffees, yes, coffee can be considered a BC beverage if the beans are
roasted and processed here in BC. Make a choice to choose locally roasted
coffee and see what beautifully roasted, fresh beans make to your enjoyment of
your daily cuppa.

- Looking for non-dairy options? Check out some made in BC organic and
non-GMO soy beverages!

Ask your waiter or your grocer for beverages that are made in BC so you can make a
local choice that’s exciting and keeps your money in BC!

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