Eggs-citing Ideas that Support BC Farmers

July 22, 2019

If you are eating out for breakfast more often, you are part of a growing group of people who are shifting their dining habits. Breakfast foods, like eggs, are no longer limited to  their traditional morning slot – and restaurants are working to meet the needs of diners like you all day long.

Why eggs? People want protein with every meal, and most types of diets, even the trendy ones, include eggs, because one large egg contains 6 grams of the highest quality protein, all 9 essential amino acids and 14 key nutrients – all with only 70 calories. Simply put: Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse.

Support your local egg farmers: In BC, approximately 136 family-owned and operated egg farms to bring the goodness of fresh eggs to your table. BC Egg oversees and manages the production, grading, packing, marketing and transportation of all regulated eggs in B.C. Those are the eggs that find their way to your restaurant table and grocery store shelves.

Where can you find eggs in restaurants? With egg sales in Canada sizzling, quick service and full service family restaurants are the largest purveyors of breakfast – but the trend to offer eggs or egg bites in coffee shops and cafés is fuelling increasing demand. Consumption of breakfast sandwiches is now up to 700 million annually in Canada, an eight per cent over last year, according to restaurant trend experts, the NPD Group.

In Greater Vancouver, we have some great stops to try local eggs. In Fort Langley, we recommend you try Wendel’s Bookstore & Café. They have line-ups year round – but they are a scratch kitchen and you’ll love the freshness of all their dishes. If you have any food allergies – Wendel’s is a great choice because they offer gluten free and can customize because they are committed to knowing what is in every dish.

In Vancouver, why not try Yolks? They have locations on West Broadway and East Hastings Street. They are completely egg-centric – and committed to serving perfectly poached, free range eggs all day, 7 days a week! They’re commitment to local is evident on their menus – they know all about the cities, farms or farmers that help them bring great food to the table.

Not in Greater Vancouver? White Spot Restaurants are leaders in the breakfast. They are committed to serving local food, prepared by local chefs. With 60 restaurants all across the province, their commitment to local eggs makes a real difference to local farmers.

Did you know? Eggs are usually washed, graded, and packed into cartons within 24 hours of arrival from the farm. Refrigerated trucks deliver the eggs to retail stores soon after grading. BC eggs typically arrive at the store within 4-7 days of being laid by hens. Now that’s fresh!

Canadian eggs are hormones and steroid free! Hens are never given hormones. Since the 1960’s, it is illegal in Canada to give hormones or steroids to hens that lay eggs.

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