Meet Jason Meyer~Owner, Driftwood Brewing Company

August 10, 2019

Meet Jason Meyer

Owner, Driftwood Brewing Company


“Craft beer has been a part of Victoria’s food and drink culture for more than 30 years, and Driftwood is grateful to have a place in this astute community of drinkers. We are proud to support local farmers, fabricators, tradespeople and other businesses.”


Driftwood Brewing Company

Unit 102 – 450 Hillside Avenue

Victoria, BC  V8T 1Y7

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You are the owner of Driftwood Brewing Company. Tell us how you came to be involved in Beer in BC?

Brewing beer has been an interest of mine for 25 years. With just four ingredients we are able to create myriad different beer styles. In recent years, there have been many new hop varieties developed which are expanding the possibilities even more.

Are your customers starting to connect more with local food and drink?

I think consumers are getting more adventurous with their beer. I think they are curious about our stuff because we are local and that is leading them to take bigger risks with what they try.

Tell us about Driftwood.

We started with the idea that we wanted to consume food and drink that brought us joy. We thought that if we cared about quality and locality – other people in Victoria might as well.

Do you consider beer something that is driven by place?

Beer ingredients travel well, and can be stored for several months before use, so beer is not as tied to place as say, wine. Beer is driven by place in a cultural sense though, and here in Cascadia, there is more of an emphasis on beer as a part of our gastronomy than something to just drink at a ball game (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!

Do you have any local farmers that you rely on to make your beers? 

We work with Sartori Cedar Ranch, in the Columbia Valley near Chilliwack, to provide our hops. We use locally harvested sea salt from Vancouver Island Salt Co. for ourCry Me A River, a Gose we brew in the summer months.

What is your favourite BC ingredient that you use in the beer making process?

It’s local rainwater. Soft water makes a great base for many beer styles, and minerals can be added to approximate the water of other regions if desired. We have also enjoyed experimenting with different native yeasts and bacteria.

Is there one beer that you make that consumers seem to connect with?

Our Wet Hop IPA seems to be well regarded. It’s called Sartori Harvest IPA and can only be made once a year when we get fresh Centennial hops from Sartori Cedar Ranch near Chilliwack. It’s 7% abv and only available on special release.

What are you looking forward to for fall?

The Sartori Harvest IPA we just mentioned is a Driftwood Fall tradition. We are also looking forward to more wood-based projects in late 2019.

Why should people drink Driftwood beers?

We make sure it’s not only local, but delicious too!

If you look for Driftwood Beers on the shelf or on the back bar of your nearest local spot, take note of the amazing unique art on every bottle or can.


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