Mile One Eating House: New Owner, Same Commitment to Local Produce

May 14, 2018


It's not often you get to write such a feel-good story such as this one. It combines all the things we love here about our Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL - community, supporting local producers and, of course, delicious food.

Chef de Cuisine Erin Kerr began working at Mile One Eating House in Pemberton (close to Whistler) when it first opened 8 years ago. Today, she's owns the restaurants.

"I never thought it would take me to where I am now!" Erin says. "I have been part of the growth of Mile One, so it was naturally a great fit for me to take over when the founders Randy and Cindy decided to move on to new adventures."

"I am so grateful they have trusted me and given me this opportunity to grow as a chef and entrepreneur."

The ethos behind Mile One Eating House is all about showcasing the great local products that are home to the Pemberton area and of course the broader BC area. It's an area that's blessed with an abundance of local producers - a range of vegetables, beer and spirits - and the ability to draw on surrounding areas for beef, seafood and wine. It's also about supporting the community. In addition to dining, the restaurant showcases some of the foodie retail items from the area.

For Chef Kerr, being part of the growth of the business from inception to where it is now makes it a natural transition from employee to employer.

"I am passionate about eating local and using all of the things the area has around me as inspiration, so it was a perfect fit," Erin explains. "Eating and drinking locally is important to me because it's great for my community.

"I love supporting small local business and showing off all the great things the Pemberton Valley, and the rest of British Columbia has to offer." 

At Mile One Eating House, the team has developed strong connections with local producers across BC, and Erin believes we are lucky to live in a province with such a wide variety when it comes to what's available locally.



Potato growers are one of their key partners: "I would say our biggest connection in Pemberton is Kuurne's Farms; we go through about 700lbs of potatoes a week from them. We have worked with the Kuurne family from day one and our relationship is awesome," she adds.

"I am also excited because in the summertime I get fresh produce from a couple of different small farms in Pemberton: Laughing Cow Organics, Rootdown Organic Farm, and Plenty Wild Farms to name a few.

"We also make an awesome Gin Caesar using Pemberton Distillery Gin and house made Caesar mix."

Erin is positive about her connection with these local farms and the opportunities it gives her as a chef.

"Working with these guys is amazing because they are always planting interesting greens and vegetables for us to play around with, and we have new product almost every week during the summer."

"I am so happy to be part of the Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL program and be able to use my platform to spread the word and importance of eating and drinking local. I am very passionate about what I do and I hope it inspires others."

One of the benefits of having all these available, local ingredients is the ability to make great recommendations to customers about the food on the table, and where it comes from.

Their Ribeye Dinner feature is a great example, which Erin is really excited about.

"We use naturally raised Cache Creek Beef, Pemberton potatoes, house made crème fraiche and an awesome dry spice mix called Salsa Seca that I have been playing around with for a while.

"This version has smoked sunflower seeds, juniper, fennel seeds, and some dried chilis for kick. I would pair this dish with an English Dry Left Field Cider for a lighter, more crisp summer pairing."

It sounds pretty good to us! Whether you live in Pemberton or are visiting, drop in and experience great, local food at Mile One Eating House.


Contributor: Sarah Mawji


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