Warm Up With A Spring Soup

February 18, 2019

Warm up with a spring soup


We're turning the corner from winter but the season for comfort food hasn't come to an end. Why not celebrate the arrival of the spring eating its bounty of local comfort foods at your local restaurant? Stepping out for lunch on a sunny spring day can warm the soul and see you enjoying the daylight while staying safely warm inside a restaurant or on a covered patio.


Here are some soups to look for on spring menus:

- Chicken soup with smoky sautéed bacon
- Creamy leek and new potato
- Roasted carrot and apple
- Greens and garlic
- Foraged mushroom

- Curried sweet potato


As April approaches, so does the arrival of fresh BC asparagus. Fresh asparagus soup with herb crème fraîche or asparagus salad with fresh greens, toasted hazelnuts and Salt Spring Island Goat cheese offer the flavours of spring with the comfort of a filling lunch.


If soup isn't your thing, enjoy an elegant salmon with fresh sorrel sauce, and fresh peas with mint. Try rack of lamb with rosemary, mint and garlic rub. The fresh spring flavors of mint, fava beans, peas, and new potatoes all complement these dishes with tasty local touches.


When pondering your next dining experience, consider indulging in the comforts of your own neighbourhood and explore the flavour trails of your local pub or cafe. The pub or cafe on the corner is an extension of your own living room, a place where neighbours can come to share in food and drink. A place where food can take you back to some of life’s fondest memories.


The act of sharing in a meal is the root of our survival, and bonding at the dinner table is one of life’s oldest traditions. Food brings people together. No matter where you hang your hat in British Columbia, find comfort in knowing that you are likely a stone’s throw away from your next home cooked meal - especially when someone else cooks it for you.


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