Winter-Warmer Recipes To Keep You Toasty This Season

November 13, 2018

Brrrr, it’s getting cold outside! So what better to keep you warm than a nice, steaming bowl of something yummy?


(And no, it’s not just soup.)


Here are a few recipes to get you thinking about what to put on the menu this November, making the most of our local BC produce.


First up, how about a stew?


It’s not soup, it’s just… similar to a soup. A less soup-y soup.


Food Network Canada has a great compilation of winter stew recipes, including this delicious Beef and Butternut Squash Stew from Giada De Laurentiis (from programs such as Giada At Home).


You can of course use BC beef, but butternut squash is also in season in the province making this dish hearty, seasonal, and great for leftovers.


Renowned BC Chef Vikram Vij has a number of great recipes for the winter season in his cookbooks, but you can also find his Clay Pot Saffron Chicken Rice recipe – among others – here.


For a vegetarian option (and one filled with goodness), try this Cold Kicker Stew from The Living Kitchen. It’s got onion, garlic, butternut squash, kale, parsley (all in season) as well as celery (which can still be found in-season in the Kootenays) and turmeric. It’s exactly what it says it is – a cold kicker!


Or if you’re not in the mood for stew, you could try out a Winter Root Mash with Buttery Crumbs from BBC Good Food (making the most of in-season parsnips and rutabagas) or Eggplant Parmesan from Delish, using BC eggplant, onions, garlic and eggs.


I love a good pie – they’re a great winter food, too. If you want something a tad more sophisticated than a traditional Aussie meat pie (which is still great), try this other option from Delish.


A Chicken Pot Pie uses delicious BC chicken, herbs, onion, garlic and carrots as well as BC dairy products. Mmmm, I can taste it already. This is another really hearty dish.


Chef Rod Butters, whose great cookbook ‘The Okanagan Table’ can be purchased here, provided a great seasonal recipe to My Van City earlier this year. His Root Vegetable Torte uses all the great veggies available locally this season, and it looks pretty fancy too. Plus, you can prepare it the day before and reheat!


Finally, winter is a great time for delicious, warm desserts.


All Recipe’sApple Crips II’, which uses crisp BC apples (in season of course), and Martha Stewart’s Caramelized Pears – Anjou or Bartlett are recommended, both of which are grown in BC in November.


Fresh seasonal fruit is great for dessert, and the Okanagan, Kootenays and Lower Mainland grow some of the best!


What’s your favourite winter recipe? Let us know on social media!

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