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Organic Ocean Seafood Inc

Organic Ocean Seafood Inc. is Canada's principal supplier of 100 per cent sustainably harvested and produced premium seafood.

Organic Ocean was established to provide the finest traditional and Indigenous wild harvested and responsibly cultured seafood to a discriminating clientele. While Organic Ocean supplies top international chefs, providing locally sourced seafood to the British Columbia market remains a priority. By committing to the highest level of sustainability, Organic Ocean and its customers ensure that the full value of our aquatic and fishery resources are realized.

During the month of May, Organic Ocean collaborates with the Chef's Table Society of B.C. to showcase the wild B.C. spot prawn. Working with sustainable seafood advocacy groups, Organic Ocean has been a leader in steering chefs to the environmentally responsible fishery of the wild B.C. spot prawn which, with a firm texture and sweet, delicate and succulent flavor, is considered to be among the finest crustaceans our ocean's surrender.




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