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Soulfood is a farm-to-table whole foods restaurant serving beautiful, vibrant, colourful, healing food in a happy, peaceful and welcoming space. All of our food is local and/or organic. Seriously, everything.

We want to provide good, clean, kind food sourced as much as possible from local, sustainable suppliers. We will focus primarily on seasonal and local food but we also love nuts, avocados and mangoes (among other exotic foods) and want to include these beautiful, healing global food into our diets.

Food means real food! Food from the Earth that you grow and raise yourself that does not require a science lab to get onto your plate. Good food to us means healthful, optimal for your body, and leaves you with a feeling of nourishment. Good food tastes delicious and fresh. Good food is mostly local and seasonal. Clean food means food that is grown according to organic farming practices and does not include additives, preservatives, dyes or other harmful and unnecessary add ins. Clean food also means considering packaging and food miles to ensure a minimal footprint on the environment.

Kind food means using ethical and humane farming practices. We use grass-fed and finished (where appropriate for the animal) animal products and ensure the animals are allowed to thrive in manners appropriate for their species. We seek out fair trade products that support the farmers and their workers. We educate ourselves on the food we eat. We know how to grow food. We make an effort to know our farmers and growers. We find alternative sources when what is available does not agree with our values. We work with others to cut down on packaging and transportation. We connect with other like-minded individuals to build a sense of community around food.

Breakfast - all of our eggs are sourced from Rabbit River farms in Burnaby. Our cheese is all BC (Kootenay Meadows, Jersey Land Organics, Grand Forks). All of our spirits are from Bohemian Spirits out of Kimberley who also source their grains from Creston. Most of our baking is made with Anita's Organic Flour using BC grains. All of our milk and cream is from Kootenay Meadows in Creston, BC.

All of our pork is from Cutter Ranch in Fort Steele, BC. Our chicken & duck is from Creston, and our beef is from J2 ranch in Canal Flats and Silver Tip ranch in Fort Steele. Our kombucha is from Nelson, BC and our beer is also from Nelson and Sorrento. Our wine is from the Okanagan. Our sprouts are from 3 Crows Farms in Cranbrook. We choose "the grown here" varieties of BC produce from Pro Organic when they are available.



1115 Baker St
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