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Windfall Cider

Windfall is a Modern Cider-Maker based in Vancouver committed to Craft Cider.

Jeff and Nathaly turned a years long hobby of cider making into what became Windfall Cider. Learning what they could from old-world techniques passed down by generations of cider makers, Jeff and Nathaly experimented with as many new flavours as they could find. All until the cider was just right – and totally different than anything else in BC.

We’re here to turn the world of cider on its head, not only in BC, but Canada-wide. This starts by working closely with community farmers to find the best apples and the purest juice. Then, we experiment with as many traditional techniques and interesting flavours as we can—and try to have fun while doing it. We play with yeast strains, wild ferments, barrel aging, and blending, and stay true to our local roots, using only fruits and botanicals native to the Pacific Northwest.






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